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Double Drawn Egg Curls

    1. 100% Virgin Human hair
    2. No Chemical Processing
    3. Double drawn and full from root to bottom
    4. Machine double weft (This minimizes shedding)
    5. Each bundle weighs about 100g
    6. Can be heat-styled as needed
    7. Can be dyed (use a professional)
    8. Can last up to 2 years when properly cared for
    9. Delivery time (5-7 business days)
    1. When you wash the hair, use a sulphate free shampoo. Do not wash more than once a week.
    2. After washing, condition with a deep conditioner for 30 mins.
    3. After deep conditioning, detangle with a wide tooth comb (combing from bottom to the root). Rinse thoroughly with warm water, lay hair flat and air dry or use a low temperature hair dryer.
    4. Straight hair should be brushed with a paddle comb.
    5. Curly hair should be combed and styled with fingers.
    6. Wavy hair should be combed with a wide tooth comb.
    7. Consult with your stylist on how to maintain hairstyle.

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